Wednesday, August 1, 2012

As a part of my participation in digital citizenship I have a serious fan-girl collection of blog feeds.  I just read John Spencer's blog and thought, "Wow!  I like what he has to say!"  So, naturally, I want to be a devoted follower.  But here's where my devotion and follow through part ways.  As is my habit, I sign up for the RSS feed to be fed to my google reader.  And, I never see it again unless by happy coincidence because I forget that it's there somewhere in space and move on to the next shiny thing.  So, my question for all of you is this, is there a tool or app you use that aggregates all your feeds and actually feeds them to you in a place you frequent frequently?  I just don't have time to coast over to my reader in the midst of a usually busy day.  Somehow, I need to find a way to bring those feeds to me where I live and breathe most of the time.  I like blogs that I can subscribe to through email but those are becoming less frequent and, let's face it, my email inbox becomes a pretty cluttered place and there's a lot of guilt when I finally end up deleting posts that I hoped to get around to but whose expiration date is long past.  What are the best ways that you keep up regularly with your favorite blogs and news feeds?  Thanks for any suggestions!  Lisa N.

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  1. Lisa,
    I love his stuff as well. I am working with Mark to look for an app to help you out with your RSS issue. I have the same problem and would love to find something to help as well.