Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Being a model of digital citizenship for my kids

Over the last handful of years, I have created numerous presentations that I use in my classroom to share information for my Geography classes.  I know that I need to model appropriate citation practices for my students by citing the sources of the bazillion images that I have snipped from Google, but my first thought was, "UGH!!  I have so much time already invested in creating these docs." Then when I step back from that initial gut reaction, I know that it is the best thing for my kids.  Plus, I get the chance to "refresh" those presentations and fix all the bugs that I never got around to doing before.  I just have to keep those last two thoughts in mind and not worry about the "time investment."

**Sidenote:  I explored some of John Spencer's website (great resources!) and one of the posts was a comment about throwing away your lessons every year and starting over with your new group of kids.  A daunting idea, but it makes good sense, and reinforces my need to not only recreate my presentations to model correct citations and usage, but also to better customize for each class of kiddos.  Thanks, John.


  1. hey, Jen! Do you use Diigo? It's a free social bookmarking tool that allows you to bookmark sites and share them with others if you like. You can annotate the boomark and add tags that will help you find them again. It works on an umber of different browsers and it's free. The beauty of it is that it makes your bookmarks completely transportable. No matter which computer on, you can login to your diigo account and retrieve sites. It's slick! I couldn't live without it! I have groups set up that I share my finds with as part of professional development. Lisa

  2. I found out about diigo at a tech conference two summers ago and have set up an account and wanted to show it to my students as a way to collect sites for their research. I used to have a diigo applet on my browser, but it somehow went away and now it is one of those "shiny things" that I just haven't committed into a routine yet. I loved the idea that I could find a site, annotate it for my struggling readers and then send it out to the class. It is definitely one of my goals for this year to get back into practice with it.