Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Digital Citizenship

Hi!  I am Lisa.  I am a middle school librarian in a surburban district. 

This was, perhaps, the topic I was most looking forward to during this workshop.  As a school librarian, it is incumbent upon me to address digital citizenship but not only as I teach but inclusively within our entire school community.  I am hosting a parent technology evening in a couple of weeks to present some of the tools parents can use and can expect to see their student using throughout the year.  A component of this will be socially responsible use of social media.  Although our school does not have a facebook or twitter presence per se, we often deal with the fallout.  Many parents are not educated about how they can and should monitor their student's digital presence nor what limitations we as a school face when students misuse technology outside of the school environment.  For me digital citizenship extends far beyond cyber bullying and I feel frustrated by our school's current "digital citizenship" lesson as it is implemented by our technology teacher and school resource officer.  Much of the information is outdated and limited in scope.  But, there is little interest in changing the approach.  Last year, we implemented a school wide plagiarism policy and a progressive plan for student responsibility and citations.  This year, I would like to continue to work on digital citizenship but I am quickly overwhelmed by the scope.  I was hoping for a couple of handy resources that I might be able to adapt, but, alas, we did not cover this explicitly.  I will continue searching!  I did find one new resource through an edmodo blog -- it's a start! Digital Citizenship Poster


  1. Here are a few resources that may help. http://www.digitalcitizenship.net/uploads/09-0489_AWAY__26_DIGKIDS_.pdf This site provides a variety of steps to consider when assisting student using the Internet.
    Www.ikeepsafe.org This Is a blog for digital citizenship. There Are tabs for parents, teachers, and one solely dedicated to digital citizen issues.
    Common sense media has a website that contains curriculum for this topic. Although I believe that John made an excellent point about being a good citizen on or off the net, additional resources are always helpful.

  2. Wow! I think this parent night idea is great! It sounds like you are trying to really help your students and their parents use technology responsibly. I do agree that a lot of schools' digital citzenship resources need to be updated. I also think that these lessons should be reinforced in ALL classes. :) Sounds like you are on the right track here! Good luck!.

  3. Andria - Thanks for sharing these resources I am going to check them out.

  4. I am happy to help. I have more and will make a Storify and publish later today.