Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Using Storify in my Publications class

I thought that this would be a great site to implement to help my students stay up-to-date with what is going on at the school and create a sort of on-line yearbook and newspaper. while creating a hard copy yearbook  Inevidently each year at the end of each sports season the staff members assigned to the yearbook pages are scrambling for quotes about games or looking for photos of the season.  This would be a great way to allow them to keep up to date on the teams and go out and ask for quotes immediately.  This would also get the information to followers in a timely manner.  Pro's -  In a short time I had created a storify about the first couple weeks of my summer vacation.  It was really easy to use.  It would be a good and immediate way to have student immediately apply concepts that we are learning.  Sometimes my students get overwhelmed with thinking that they have to write an article.  They can use this to practice journalistic concepts while writing about topics that they are interested in.  Con's -  When I went to log in it told me that I needed to download a new internet program AND I don't like how you can only use photos on the internet or ones that have an internet address.  In order to utilize this program I will have to get it approved to download both a different search engine in my computer lab AND download picasa so that students can upload pictures from their phone.    Here is the storify that I created. 


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  2. Good job! Your creation looks much smoother than mine! I think there are still a number of bugs Storify will need to work out before it leaves beta. I accessed it from an app on my ipad initially but then it just stopped working. Even after a hard shut down and reboot it would not work properly. So, I switched to my PC. Still had some difficulties and I don't find it as intuitive as I would like. However, I am excited about the possibilities, especially as we begin implementing Common Core with a renewed focus on reading critically across the content areas.